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Formed LLC «Progress Stroy»



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Construction company Progress story

LLC "Progress-stroy" rapidly developing company founded in 2009 year. It is the general contractor, having to their disposal the production and technical base. The company performs all types of construction and installation works. Since its formation to the present day the company made the construction and reconstruction of many objects/ houses, universities, kindergartens, medical facilities, storage room, etc. An example of our facilities are: Kyrgyz-Kazakh University, cottage settlement "New World", Chymkents multidisciplinary university. In 2014, the company issued License KRC-2 No 05 643 with the right to conduct construction and installation works in II levels of responsibility. In August 2015 the license II level of responsibility with the right to implementation of construction and installation work in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Room Licences 15,014,373. In a short seven years of existence, Progress commissioned gained image of a reliable an responsible partner in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. In neighboring Kazakhstan now under construction Chymkents multidisciplinary university area of 9300 m2.The company is rapidly developing and walks to the meeting using the Future the most advanced technology, professional staff, as well as quality, certified construction materials. Exactly the use of advanced technologies and professionals reduces the time construction, improves the quality of services, facilitates the process production. Our staff is civil engineers highly qualified, having behind him a rich experience and skilled fitters, concrete workers, finishers, welders, roofers. LLC "Progress Stroy", ensures the reliability and quality of their work!


Song Deng Eng

To achieve customer satisfaction, we select the best management strategy provide perfect control over the quality of construction. Today in many developed countries Implement widely used, used technology. experience, tireless efforts and creativity in the development of new methods and Technologies used by the construction industry, allows us to build a reliable and quality accommodation.

Kanimetov Elaman Jumataevich
Vice director

Not one step back or step in place, and only forward, but all together!



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